Q: How does recantation affect my sex case?

Recantation means that the victim has taken back his or her story or otherwise claimed that his or her original story was untrue.  Although you might expect recantation to help your case, often times the opposite is true.  This is because the state has a number of expert witnesses that they can, and will, call at trial to explain why the victim has recanted or changed his or her story.  These experts are often so qualified that they not only explain away any “bad facts” that hurt the state’s case against you, but they also strengthen the state’s case through their testimony.  Recantation is a significant legal issue that requires the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney who specializes in sex crimes to adequately combat the state’s expert witnesses. Remember, the state’s prosecutors are often trained by these experts, have developed a rapport with these experts and have used these same experts over and over again at trial.  You will need an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney who understands how to deal with these issues.

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