Q&A: Filing new charges

Bringing up new or upper charges ?
So my fiancee is in jail right now and awaiting sentencing. He has a criminal defense lawyer fighting for him to get a plea and for his probation not to be revoked. well the lawyer called me today and said he has heard from his other lawyer friends that my fiancee could be getting new charges for something he did in the past. Um only problem is this my fiancee got in trouble when he was a minor and served his time and his juvenile file is off limits.

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  • Q&A: TASC – Diversion

    I failed my drug screening classes for not showing up what punishments am i faceing. i only have two things on my record disorderly conduct and possesion of marijiwana i failed because i have been working i recently got my own apt and i lost tract of the process for the fact ive been a dad for the past five months and chances of me not haveing to do jail time .

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  • Q&A: Criminal History and Job Application

    A university masters program application is asking if I had any charges brought on me in last 24 months. Do I answer yes or no? I was charged and sentenced for a felony six undesignated in Arizona for Facilitation to Transport Marijuana on 3/16/2012. Should I legally answer yes or no on the Masters entrance application. If yes, how should I describe the details? The application is important because if I say yes they may not accept me.

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  • News: Phoenix School Teacher Arrested for Alleged Illegal Sexual Activity with Mino

    Phoenix police arrested the head football coach of Cortez High School Monday morning on suspicion of illegal online sexual activity with a minor.
    Glendale resident Jeffrey J. Huelster, 44, was arrested on suspicion of sexual luring of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor, according to Trent Crump, spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.
    According to court documents, Huelster from April 24 to 30 chatted with a person he believed was an underage girl.
    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2012/05/07/20120507phoenix-teacher-coach-accused-sexual-exploitation-minor-abrk.html#ixzz1uKR2wP13

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  • Q&A: Sex Crimes Against Children

    My brother was just taken down to the station for questioning in a issue my sister and he had a year ago. However my sister didn’t file a complaint but told a teacher about the issue who filed a complaint without her knowing. What can I do? What about teacher student confidentiality? What can happen with my brother in the questioning?

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