• Q&A: Trial and Sentencing

    My husband is being charged with 4 counts of aggrivated assault w/ deadly weapon, 1 count 2cd degree burglury, 1 count poss of drug paraph., and 1 count of poss. Dangerous drugs. He’s taking his case to trial because the only plea that has been offered was 12 to 17 years flat. They said if he loses and they stack the sentences, he could get up to 86 years. If he does lose, what are the chances of the judge stacking his sentences?

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  • Q&A: Search Incident to Arrest

    I was pulled over in a car that was reported stolen the people who reported it stolen didn’t own the car the owner of the car was the passengers girlfriend they did a felony stop guns drawn and all placed me in handcuffs searched me and found a usable ammount of speed on me which they are charging me a classs 4 felony there has to be some kind of guidelines they follow up on . I don’t believe I should of been handcuffed or searched at that point.

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  • Q&A: Extradition

    A friend was recently put in jail in AZ. A warrant from Texas came up upon his release and the jail kept him. Texas is going to extradite him back. His warrant is for violation of probation on the plea of a level 3 burglary. What’s going to happen?

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  • Q&A: Medical Marijuana

    Can I beat a case for possession of paraphanelia? I was just wondering if I had a leg to stand on because I am an az medical marijuana and I got caught with a pot pipe exactly 2 months before I received my card I got my card last June and this happened in april.

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  • Recent Developments – Changes to Arizona DUI Laws

    New DUI Law Changes January 1, 2012
    1. First time regular DUI offenders are no longer entitled to a jury trial
    2. Ignition interlock device may be reduced from 1 year to 6 months for 1st time, regular misdemeanor DUI offenders (*restrictions apply – consult an experienced criminal defense and DUI attorney for details)
    3. Drug DUI offenders no longer required to install ignition interlock device
    4. Aggravated DUI offenders: License suspension reduced from 3 years to 1
    5. Hone detention may be available in some instances if partial jail time has been served by DUI offender (*restrictions apply – consult an experienced criminal defense and DUI attorney for details)
    6. Additional midifications can be reviewed Senate Bill 1200.
    *Any modifications to DUI laws require the expertise of an experienced criminal defense attorney to determine what, if any, new laws apply in your case. For a free consultation, call Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Kaitlin Verdura at 602-421-0515.

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