Q: What type of expert testimony will I need to defend my case if I have been charged with a sex crime?

Sex crimes are highly technical in nature and often involve legal nuances not seen in more straightforward criminal cases.  For example, a sexual offense against a child may include DNA experts, behavioral health experts, victimology experts, recantation experts, piecemeal disclosure experts, psychosexual experts and much more.  These experts are well educated and highly experienced in their field of expertise.  They have extensive knowledge in victim psychology, victimology, and crimes against children.  The state’s experts have read all the current literature and journals in their respective fields, and are trained to testify effectively against you in court.   If your case involves a sex crime, it is very important to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney to deal with this highly specialized area of the law.  Because sex crimes involve not only a thorough knowledge of criminal law, but also specialized training in victim psychology, it’s important to retain an Phoenix criminal defense attorney with experience defending sex crimes cases.   

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