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How do I ask for a Diversion Program on my court date, and how should I plead in Scottsdale Arizona?I was arrested for a misdemeanor, possession of paraphernalia, in Scottsdale Arizona. My court date is coming up Monday. My parents spoke to a lawyer who said I will probably qualify for a Diversion Program since it’s my first offense. I am wondering how to ask for that option, and if I should plead guilty or innocent based on my willingness to participate in the Diversion Program.


There are a number of factors that go into the determination of whether or not you are eligible for diversion and diversion is never a guaranteed option as it’s within the discretion of the prosecutor. It’s best to retain counsel before entering into any plea agreement, whether diversion or anything else. There are affordable attorneys available as well as many qualified attorneys on this forum. Best of luck!

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