Congresswoman Gifford Returns to Shooting Scene

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made a surprise return to the Tucson grocery store where she was wounded in a deadly mass shooting on January 8 last year, as the city braced on Saturday for the event’s somber anniversary.

A gunman toting a semiautomatic pistol pumped bullet after bullet into the crowd gathered for a congressional outreach meeting outside the Safeway store in northwest Tucson almost a year ago.

Giffords, who has been in rehabilitation in Houston for a gunshot through her head, returned to the store on Saturday evening. She was accompanied by her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, her office said.

“Gabby just visited the Safeway for the 1st time since 1/8/11,” Kelly tweeted.

“It’s been a tough year, but we’re lucky to have so many people standing w/us,” he added.

Giffords has only visited the southwest city four times since the deadly shooting spree last year that killed six people and wounded her and 12 others.

In another unannounced visit earlier in the day, Giffords hiked outside Tucson on a desert trail named for her slain aide Gabe Zimmerman, her office said, stopping briefly to talk to hikers.”

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