AZ DUI Laws change January 1, 2012.

Arizona DUI laws become more lenient beginning January 1, 2012.  Currently, the state of Arizona imposes some of the harshest penalties for driving under the influence.  Those penalties include substantial fines and fees, loss of driving privileges, mandatory ignition-interlock devises at the offender’s own expense, mandatory drug and or alcohol classes at the offender’s own expense, jail, prison and much more depending upon the degree of intoxication and previous driving history of the offender.  However, the state has proposed several changes to the DUI penalties for first time offenders to begin in 2012. reports that among those changes includes a shorter period of time for the use of mandatory ignition-interlock devices for first time offenders.  Previously, first time offenders were required to use the device for up to one year, which cost approximately $80-$100/month to monitor.  With the new laws going into effect, first time offenders will only be required to use the device for a period of 6 months.  While this may not seem like a significant break, this is a still good news for first time offenders.  In addition, many other changes have been proposed that, if approved, will result in more lenient penalties for DUI offenders.  For example, after the first of the year, DUI offenders may have the option to be placed on house arrest rather than serve a jail term where jail is mandatory. 


Since every DUI is different based upon the degree of intoxication and criminal history of the offender, it’s important to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney if you find yourself facing DUI charges after the new year.  Remember, if you have been pulled over for at DUI, request to consult an attorney immediately before agreeing to take any tests.  At Verdura Law Group PLLC, we accept DUI calls 24/7.   602-421-0515.


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