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After been jumped, by a group of guys which proceeded in kicking my fiance in the head,haveing knocked him unconcious.once he had come around. while driving back he had two sep confrentations. in one which there was a child aprox. 3yrs. but, child being not aprouched, my fiance had a pocket knife , he was still not acting normal,after attact. he was arrested and charged with agravated asst with deadly weapon, involving a child. he is curently on porole til may -11.he served time for theift of means. im the on one who saw this act. where do i go from here. he was doing so good complying,empl. has changed for the better, . please help.thank you for your time.


In the state of Arizona, the charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Dangerous, requires a mandatory prison sentence (usually 5-15 years, though this may vary depending upon the specific charge and number of prior felony convictions), and a charge which alleges Dangerous Crimes Against Children usually carries an even stiffer prison sentence. Based upon the information provided, it’s difficult to provide you with a thorough legal analysis. However, given the severity of the charges, it’s important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to review the police report, determine the strength and weaknesses in your fiancé’s case, and develop a thoughtful legal approach to fight these charges. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

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