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Glendale Police Officer shot in line of duty by probationer.  Hundreds gathered for his funeral held on November 4, 2011, KPHO reports.  Officer Bradley Jones was killed in the line of duty while responding with a probation officer to Probationer Ryan Heisler’s home.  The probationer allegedly took out a gun and started firing shots at the officer, who was fatally wounded and died in the hospital shortly after the shooting.  The probationer fled the scene but was later caught by police and shot.  Reports indicate that the probationer is in critical condition.  Officer Jones was survived by his wife and two young children. 

In the State of Arizona, for most crimes, criminal defendants with one or more prior felony convictions face harsher penalties than first time offenders.  Additionally, if a defendant commits a felony offense while on probation, his sentence must be further enhanced by law.  Shooting a police officer is also considered and aggravating factor that often justifies the imposition of more severe penalties and/or harsher charges.   Ryan Heisler, the alleged shooter in this case, was on probation for theft, according to, and had a troubled past. 

1.) Do you think Ryan Heisler should have been placed on probation given his prior criminal history? 
2.) Do you think offenders with a history of violence should be given probation? 
3.) Why was Officer Jones accompanying the Hesler’s probation officer in the first place? 
4.) Do you think Heisler deserves the death penalty for killing a police officer?
5.) Is the legislative branch correct by imposing more severe sentencing consequnces for repeat felony offenders?

Questions and comments welcome. 

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