Q&A: Felony to Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges?


I have 2 felonies, 1 for paraphernalia, 1 for marijuana (under 1/8 ounce) First time charged w/anything. Drop to misdemeanor???  Never been charged with anything and was on vacation to AZ when pulled over with marijuana and a pipe(paraphernalia) I’m am being charged with 2 felonies (F6). Will the judge lower them to misdemeanor or keep them as is. Just looking to get a small heads up before my court date.
Given your lack of criminal history, it’s possible that the prosecutor will offer a misdemeanor plea agreement. However, the prosecutor did have the discretion to send your charges to city court as misdemeanor sand opted not to; therefore, you should retain private counsel as soon as possible to secure the best possible outcome in your case. Good luck. 
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