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I was recently pulled over for driving on suspended while on felony probation.  My probation officer has said he does not want to violate me to pinal courts but it is not up to him considering the fact that i am on probation out of Maricopa county not pinal i was transfered to pinal county because of a move what do you think will happen. will i do jail? if so how much? and if i am violated will a warrant be issued or will i get a court date? I only have a yr and half out of 3 years left will i get my back time or will i have to restart my probation all over again please help?!
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Answered 2 minutes ago. Technically, driving on a suspended license is it’s own separate offense for which you may be charged. If you are charged in city court and convicted, you will be in automatic violation of your probation regardless of whether or not your probation officer decides to violate you himself. It will then be up to the judge to determine if he or she would like to reinstate you on probation or revoke your probation and send you to prison on the felony matter. If either your probation officer decides to violate you or you are charged with a DSL, you should retain counsel asap. 
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