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Will this charge hold up in court?  I was recently charged with cruelty to animal 13.2910a7 in Glendale,az. I’m been in Arizona for about a week relocation from fl. I had to put my pitbull(Elwood)up for adoption so I called this particular rescue legue and they said they were having an adoption day and I could bring him and participate my in hopes for a good home. Any ways after I was leaving I took my dog to the car, put him in. And went back inside where the adoption was being held.All 4 of my windows were down about 5 inches and fan was on( not a/c). The only reason I went back inside was for his kennel which I couldn’t carry at the same time. By then a police car had parked me in. I was gone for less then ten min. It was around noon so it was very hot but Elwood had no signs of heat exhaustion.
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I called the rescue league while the officer was writing the ticket and they came out and talked to him but he wouldn’t listen to a word. They offered to go to my court hearing and vouch for me. But Elwood has since found a home with a family friend after I paid $600 to ship him cross country by a professional company =)
It is very possible that this charge will be upheld in court. Arizona is exceptionally hot in the summer and most members of the community and law enforcement consider leaving animals in the vehicle to be considered very dangerous. You should retain private counsel to assist you. 

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