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Bringing up new or upper charges ?

So my fiancee is in jail right now and awaiting sentencing. He has a criminal defense lawyer fighting for him to get a plea and for his probation not to be revoked. well the lawyer called me today and said he has heard from his other lawyer friends that my fiancee could be getting new charges for something he did in the past. Um only problem is this my fiancee got in trouble when he was a minor and served his time and his juvenile file is off limits. The only other thing it could be I was told was closed. I had a detective tell me that if we didn’t recieve a letter in th mail telling him to appear in court after about a month not to worry about it. I also spoke to not on but two people who said the case was now closed. So what is the likelyhood of this as it all sounds strange to me.
As long as probable cause exists to charge the offense and the offense falls within the statute of limitations, the state can file charges. Your boyfriend’s attorney can stay in touch with the prosecution so he/she will be the first to know if and when new charges have been filed. Good luck. 
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