Should Andrew Thomas be Disbarred? Closing Arguments to be Filed.

Azcentral reports – Independent counsel for the Arizona State Bar responsible for prosecuting former County Attorneys Andrew Thomas and Lisa Abuchon on various ethics charges, have submitted closing arguments to opposing counsel.  In their comprehensive closing argument, counsel for the State Bar accuses Thomas of filing false, retaliatory charges against members of the board of supervisors and a former judge to further his own political career.  They go on to say that Thomas’ relentless pursuit of his political opponents rose to the level of “obsession” and that his own self interest “took precedence over his obligation to abide by ethical rules.”

Thomas is further accused of having minimized his conduct by blaming others at his hearing rather than reflecting upon his own inappropriate conduct.  Counsel for Thomas and Abuchon must submit their closing arguments by January 16, 2012.  The State Bar will have approximately two weeks to file a rebuttal and a decision will likely be rendered approximately thirty days later.  Independent Counsel has requested disbarment for both Thomas and Abuchon.

1. Do you think Thomas and Abuchon should be disbarred?

2. If the allegations are found to be true, is disbarment alone a sufficient punishment for such egregious ethical violations?

3. Should Thomas be held to even higher ethical standards given his position of power and if so, what punishment is appropriate?


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