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The 10PM news was over and decided to go to bed. I remember, I was due a check and forgot to check my mailbox. I see a guy driving motorcycle around the parking lot slowly, I just stood on my balcony and watched!!!! He drove until he stopped in the back of my car, got off his bike and walked around it and stared inside. He pulled out a tool and started to ‘jimmy’ the door. When I approached him, I asked him “what are you doing”, He mumbled, “looking for someone/something”. So I pulled out my camera to get his picture, as soon as he saw that he ran away. I took a picture of his license plate, called 911. When the police arrived, him and his GF told the police, ‘I drive every night after 10pm beeping, he was chasing my car’. I have the police report + pics, what should I do?


The facts as you’ve described them leave many unanswered questions. The best thing you can do if you’ve been charged with a crime is hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who can ask the right questions, further investigate the case and explore any potential legal defenses. This forum provides a number of qualified attorneys who may be willing to assist. Best of luck to you!

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