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There was one other person with him and my brother was not the aggressor. There were two separate incidents, and 9 victims all together. I believe they are charging him with 7 counts. They took items such as cell phones and ipods from people just walking around. They set the bail at $108,000. He doesn’t have a criminal background. Maybe a misdemeanor or two. Does that bail amount seem too high for this type of case? The detectives are still trying to get the other suspect; my brother chooses to remain silent without his lawyer present. And back to the original question, how long could he be facing? Any estimates? Any hope for something not to bad? Thank you.


Based on the information provided, your brother faces significant mandatory prison time since Armed Robbery is a dangerous offense. Multiple dates of offense and multiple victims will only increase his prison range. I recommend that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with dangerous offenses and accomplice liability. Feel free to call with additional questions. Good luck.

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