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I got an extreme DUI for having a minor in my car. I paid all of the requirements, I went to jail, paid my fees in full and took all of the requested classes. I was told, one I completed all of the “requirements” I could get my revoke license back….. I did everything in order to get my lisence back, but now the MDV says I can only have a restricted license until 2013………… I was with out driving for one full year, there were very difficult times for me and the children……yesterday the lady at the MVD tells me I was eligible to get a restricted license since last year.. I told her that one year ago I letf the MVD in tears since they told me I coulldn’t do anything since my license was revoke for 3 years, She could not explain why. what can I do to report this? …


If you have an Aggravated DUI on your record, your license will be revoked for a period of three years. However, you can appy for a restricted driving permit at the MVD which, if approved, will allow you to drive to and from work, school, etc. For additional information, review ARS §28-1383, 28-1401-1402. Perhaps the MVD employee you spoke to was unfamiliar with the law. I would suggest you contact another staff member at MVD or an attorney who can assist you with the paperwork. Best of luck to you!

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