News: Deportation Focus on Criminals

“The Obama administration has started implementing a controversial new policy intended to unclog crowded Immigration Courts by focusing only on cases involving illegal immigrants with criminal records.

On Thursday, federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement lawyers nationwide, including those in Arizona, began reviewing all new immigration cases to identify ones that could essentially be tossed out because they involve illegal immigrants with no criminal history. That would allow judges to more quickly process and deport dangerous illegal immigrants or ones who pose a national-security threat, ICE officials said in a memo outlining the new policy.

ICE also on Thursday began training immigration prosecutors and officers on how to apply the policy in the field, giving them more discretion to decide which cases qualify for consideration to be halted and which don’t.” Reports the Arizona Republic.

In Arizona, many criminal defendants who are in this country illegally only serve a portion of their setence and are then deported.  As a result of early release from prison and deportation, they are often afforded the opportunity to re-enter this country illegally without serving their entire prison sentence.   It isn’t until they pick up subsequent charges that their re-entry is even realized.   

1) Do you think deporting illegal immigrants who commit crimes rather than sending them to prison to serve their full sentence results in less accountability in the criminal justice system for illegal immigrants? 
2) Do you think the media  under reports the number of illegal immigrants who have re-entered illegally and picked up new charges after having been deported?
3) Do you think our country should pay to house illegal immigrants in prison, or should criminal defendants who are illegal be deported without first serving their sentence?

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