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So I took my family to Arribas Mexican Restaurant. My son opened the door for us and we walked in. I turned around to make sure my son was walking and the door shut on his finger. From what I noticed the door slanted like it was off or somehing but the spring at the top looked broken. So my son screamed I rushed to push the door that slammed back the other way and his fingers were indented with the door marks and some skin taken off no blood but my son was in pain. Then next I was heated and the resturaunt seating attendent states yeah that door is broken we have some coming tomorrow to fix it. So at the end we get a $20 comp on our bill and a free desert. then I go to use the free desert and get a hassle and attidude cuz I want to use it that day for my son who finger got smashed.


If you son was injured, you may be entitled to just compensation. It appears from what you’ve described that the restaurant was negligent by failing to secure a broken door. However, compensation is dependant upon the extent of your son’s injuries. A mere bruise, for example, may not result in a significant settlement. It’s important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who can review the specific facts in your case and make an informed assessment. Good luck!

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