News: Allegation of Sexual Harassment Against Cain

At a press conference held on November 7, 2011, alleged sexual abuse victim Sharon Bielek disclosed that she was groped by Herman Cain in the late 90’s while trying to get her job back reports the Blaze.  According to Bielek, Cain slipped his hand under her skirt, grabbed her crotch area and attempted to force her head into his groin area. Cain allegedly withdrew his advances when Bielek asked him to stop. 

In the State of Arizona, grabbing the genitals of an adult without consent constitutes Sexual Abuse, a class 5 felony offense.  However, proving allegations of Sexual Abuse are not always easy.  Absent an eyewitness or some other form of corroborating evidence to prove that the incident took place, these cases often come down to “he said/she said” and are therefore difficult to prove at trial.  In many instances, even when a jury believes that something took place, they may then face the question of whether or not the contact was consensual.  Consent is a valid defense to Sexual Abuse charges in Arizona. 

In this case, multiple women have come forward with similar allegations of sexual misconduct against Cain. 

1.) Do you think Bielek is lying about Cain’s alleged sexual advances?
2.) Do you think the fact that there are multiple victims is sufficient corroborating evidence to convict?
3.) Do these women have motive to lie? 
4.) How have allegations like this changed the political arena?
5.) Does the timing of the disclosure make the alleged victim(s) less credible?

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