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What should I prepare for? Do I need a Lawyer? What’s most likely going to happen to me?  Saturday night I visited my friend at University of Arizona . There was about 2 grams of Marijuana in the room and the campus police were notified and were both given citations to appear in court for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphinalia . It’s our first offense he is a student at U of A and I just transferred from an out of state university and I will be attending a community college for the summer semester . I also have a son due in march . I am very afraid and my court date is early march . I have no idea how the judge will respond or if I should hire a lawyer . The police mentioned that it was a misdemeanor .
You should retain private counsel to assist you will all court proceedings, review your case for constitutional violations, and negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf. In the best of circumstances, you will be given diversion or your attorney will get the case dismissed. In the worst of circumstances, you face up to 6 months jail, 3 years probation and $2500 in fines. Feel free to call if you need further assistance. Good luck. 
Kaitlin S. Verdura, Esq. 
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