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I have a warrent for abscounding probation. after I was convected of class 4 felony dui.I searved one year one probation out of a 4 year tearm. then I made the stupidest choice anyone could make, by picking up a drug habbit, then I failed the U.A test stoped using and was told to my next test failed also. although was never shown any documents to prove that so I went to jail for a week.. well a 3rd test came failed again 2 days after being released from county jail, so my probabtion officer wanted me to come back to the office on the following monday, I did nt want to go back to jail and at the time It was nt evan a good idea but I did nt know what els to do so i just stoped checking in. the last time I went in was in march of this year 2012. so its only been a few monthes. but as normal a felony warrent has been issued is their any altearnatives to prision in this case
It’s best to retain private counsel to address your outstanding warrant and argue for another opportunity on probation. Unfortunately, given your history on probation, you have an uphill battle. That doesn’t mean an impossible battle. There are many good criminal defense attorneys out there who can help. Good luck. 
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