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I had a hard drive with a few child-porn clips on it turned over to the police by a computer tech. Anyway it was over seven years ago and I was never arrested. They never contacted me accept for the one time they came to the house, and left with all of my regular dvd’s and cd’s that were laying around. There wasn’t a call or letter and its been over seven years. I recently noticed on a background check that it was an open case. Is there anyway
I can have it closed???

No. You need to retain private counsel (preferably an attorney who has experience in sex crimes) immediately and stop posting personal information about your case online. These are VERY serious charges that carry VERY serious sentencing penalties. If you have an open case, that likely means you have a warrant out for your arrest. The age of the case is irrelevant. The case will not be closed until it has been resolved in court. In cases like these, that usually means until you have been sent to prison.
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