Q&A: What is Diversion and does Shoplifting Qualify?


Someone please help me.  I’m 18 years old, I just got caught shoplifting at khols, it was 72 dollars worth. I have a clean record. This is my first time getting in trouble by the law. Am I going to jail? What is most likely going to happen?
If the offense happened within the city of Phoenix, you may be diversion eligible. Diversion requires that you complete the specific terms in exchange for a dismissal of the charges. You will not have a conviction on your record. However, some prosecuting agencies in other cities do not offer diversion for this type of offense. If that happens, you face the following range of penalties: Up to 3 years probation; 6 months jail; and $2,500 in fines (plus surcharges). You may want to retain private counsel to ensure the best possible outcome in your case and walk you through the process. It shouldn’t be too expensive. Good luck. 
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