Q&A: Can Child Molestation be Charged Years Later?


My brother in law was charged as an adult for attemt to molest a child for an event that happended when he was 13 is that legal?  My brother in law was 13 at the time and his cousin 12 she happend to tell a friend he touched her crotch area police were called to school both were removed from school. She was questioned w/o a parent being present. His mom died 2 yrs before dad was not in picture. Aunt didn’t deny or confirm anything. He was placed in juveile detention later released. Due to aunt having him babysit he was violated and returned to juvenile detention when released cousin took him in he happend to deal drugs. Needless to say he didnt report to his PO a month after he turned 18 there was a drug bust. They gave him the option to talk and charges to be dropped he didnt he got new charge and was charged as sex offender and has to register for rest of life. Where they wrong to charge him as an adult?
It’s best to discuss this with a privately retained attorney who specializes in sex crimes and juvenile law. However, to answer your question, child molestation can be charged at anytime, even years after the offense was committed and even when the offense was committed by a juvenile. 

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