• Q&A: Juvenile Shoplifting Charges

    Me and a friend both 16 got caught stealing at target whats going to happen? We are both 16. We where at a Phoenix Target 1hour away from where we live (Fountain Hills) a security gaurd stopped us at the doors and asked to follow him to his office which we did. they questioned us got our information and waited for the cops to come they handcuffed us and put us in the back of the veichle we each seperatly got questioned with parents and where released. I took 115 worth as for her 250. the cop said he wasnt charging it as a felony and I already got my letter of how much I owe being 215.25 What do I do? or what are the steps?

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  • Q&A: Child Porn Charges

    I had a hard drive with a few child-porn clips on it turned over to the police by a computer tech. Anyway it was over seven years ago and I was never arrested. They never contacted me accept for the one time they came to the house, and left with all of my regular dvd’s and cd’s that were laying around. There wasn’t a call or letter and its been over seven years. I recently noticed on a background check that it was an open case. Is there anyway
    I can have it closed???

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